Can someone help me with my use case so that I know Payload is gonna work for us or not?

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In my company, we decided to create a knowledge base of our own but it is not going to be on a public domain. We will build a help widget and share it across our UIs. Here are the requirements:

2-When widget is opened, we would like to fetch knowledge-base contents that are relevant to our current context. We will most probably use user's current URL to fetch the data from the CMS. We need to send some sort of custom field for querying I guess.

3-Should support localisation.

4-Query by versions. This is quite important because we have some customers using our old version of the app and knowledge base content varies accordingly. So, in some of the code branches we somehow have to fetch old versions of the content.

5- We would like to also include a search bar in that widget called "Search anywhere" that would search the whole cms content base for occurances

I like the fact that Payload is code-first and this would allow many customizations but i still would like to get help before I sink my time in

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