Can we make text fields type="password" ?

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I have use case where I'd like end users to be able to toggle an input to password mode for sensitive data. Is this doable with the standard text input?

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    last month

    Good morning @superwafflepuffs - I feel like I've seen this done elsewhere, but I'm blanking. I'll search a bit more, but in general I believe this is done with a custom component

    Though, it may be some kind of extended custom Field based on the Text field

    If I find the example I'll post it here - also a Payload dev may have some more insight when they see this post

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    last month

    No doubt this could be done with a custom component. I was mostly wondering if there was a way to use the regular text config and just change the type of the input. Although, now that i'm thinking more about the use case a custom field my better suit my needs.

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