Cloud initial deployment failed error (new project)

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I am getting initial deployment failed error with a MONGODB_URI warning when launching a new project using website template on cloud. The source code example.env indicates DATABASE_URI, rather than MONGO_URI.

It is also complaining about a missing PAYLOAD_SECRET yet that exists in the project settings tab. Does this deserve a Github issue or would flagging it here be sufficient? Or should I delete the project and give it a fresh try?

Thanks! Love everything the team has accomplished so far and I'm unbelievably excited about the future!


Tried manually adding the ENV in the settings, no dice. Now trying updating payload config to MONGODB_URI


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    last month

    I'm having the same issue. Found this on the Community Hub - not sure if it will help because I'm still working out how to do this, but might be worth a try.
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    last month

    I tried manually adding MONGODB_URI but that had no effect. Trying to manually PAYLOAD_SECRET now.

    Nope! Still not working.

    In case anyone else comes across this, opened a Github issue:

    Cloud initial deployment failed error (new project)

    Managed to capture build logs…

    Fixed! Thanks @dribbens

    Spoke too soon. The website template for Payload Cloud does not build in production. It does build locally.

    @dribbens successfully tested a new project with the website template and it's a GO! Thank you. Please disregard the follow up comment in Github.

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    Payload Team
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