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hellboy124124last year

Hey there! Just a few days back I found the PayloadCMS and it seems like a nice tool - I started working on a project, but I'm clearly not very versed in it yet.

Now, I do have a problem regarding the select functionality - the situation is the following. I have the following data structure:

- Sellers: id (uuid), name (string), ...

- Products: id (uuid), name (string), ...

- SellerProducts: id (uuid), seller (relationship), product (relationship), ...

- SellerProductPromotions: id (uuid), sellerProduct (relationship), ...

Now, if I want to create a new SellerProductPromotions entry, the autocompleted select will by default return the ID for SellerProducts for the label, but that's clearly not viable.

How would I approach that? Seems that admin.useAsTitle only accepts a string, but I would need something like "(entry) =>

${} (${})

" (including the filter search for that). Is that possible to do with PayloadCMS?

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    last year

    Hi @hellboy124124 - you could create a virtual field which is a common solution we use for creating dynamic titles. Read more about them here

    Essentially you could add another field that combines your and and use that as your title. You can also add a beforeChange hook to remove the value from your database so it is fully virtual.

      name: 'title',
      type: 'text',
      admin: {
        hidden: true, // hides the field from the admin panel
      hooks: {
        beforeChange: [
          ({ siblingData }) => {
            // ensures data is not stored in DB
            delete siblingData['title']
        afterRead: [
          ({ data }) => {  
            return `${} ${}`;

    Something along the lines of this 👆 Hope this helps!

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    hellboy124124last year

    Oh wow, that was quick! Seems like exactly what I'm looking for - thank you!

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