Conditionally render field options

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7 months ago

I have a collection of


. Each category has an array field with


. I have another collection


with fields of




. I have specified that the category field is related to the categories collection. However, how could I conditionally render the options for the subcategory field once a category has been chosen?

admin: { condition }

only allows me to show or hide the filed but not to render its options based on a payload request that uses the data from the previous field.

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    Payload Team
    7 months ago

    Have you taken a look at the field conditional logic docs here?

    . This should support dot notation which will help for your use-case.

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    3 months ago

    I also have same problem if you solved this issue can you please tell me how I do this

    i have same problem I am using payloadcms and in collection of posts I have


    name: "category",

    type: "relationship",

    relationTo: "categories",


    }, this category field , now I want to include subcategories field but it should show subcategories only from array which is present in selected category

    I have subcategories collection from that collection only I am currently getting subcategories using relationship but now I want subcategories according to selection of category can you please help or guide with this

    My question is i have collection categories and collection subctegories, in categories collection i added subcategories throughe relationship, so while creating any post i need that my subcategories should populate in option depending upon selection of cetegory.But i am not able to do that so please help me with that

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