Get Light/Dark Mode Preference for custom Component

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Sylens Drakelast year

Hey, how do I get the Light/Dark Mode Preference?

Need it for a custom component.

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    Jarrodlast year

    @Sylens Drake the html element has a data-theme attribute that you can use to target your custom component css

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    thisisnotchrislast year

    I think more information about the data-theme attribute could be listen on the CSS customization page that references Dark Mode:
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    last year

    we don't explicitly export the


    hook, but you can still import it

    import { useTheme } from 'payload/dist/admin/components/utilities/Theme

    if you did want to help us export it, you could open a PR via adding an export to the


    file and then add it to docs here:
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    damnstaychilllast year

    @jmikrut was the PR ever opened? I started using the direct import today

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    last year

    Hey @damnstaychill no, we never added this, but i will add it today (got some other stuff coming out)

    anddd done

    will be released shortly

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