Group Field Breaking Type Changes not Called Out

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7 months ago

@dribbens @jmikrut I am experiencing another breaking type change that wasn't explicitly documented/called out in the release notes when updating from 1.6.24 -> 1.6.32. The group field seems to be changing from being potentially undefined to being required in the types...

See our previous discussion about this type of thing here:

Are there plans to develop a better way of calling out breaking type changes like this?

The question I would like answered in this particular instance is when this changed?

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    Payload Team
    7 months ago

    Hey @TheDunco - yes, this change in specific is what led us to want to embrace


    semantic versioning

    i talked a bit about this in my blog post here:

    that change caused us ourselves some heartburn and we were not happy to see it go without being communicated

    i think that the group field types are now in a stable place and we are going to immediately start taking breaking changes significantly more seriously

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    7 months ago

    Roger that, thanks. I knew that y'all were going to move to true semantic versioning, and therefore didn't expect this breaking change, but it makes sense if this is the change that really sparked the need to do that.

    Thanks for the explanation

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