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How is gonna Payload work out for me vs. Sanity?

4 weeks ago

Hi, I made a website in Next.js using Sanity as headless CMS. In Sanity, I made reusable components, that client can choose and change content on page that way. Sometimes, I nested components a lot. Meaning I had container nested into container, and the container also had some components inside of it. It was working, I would say kinda nicely, however, because Sanity is not self hosted and you can't populate references easily, I had to run a JavaScript function, that would walk through object from CMS and find references and then populate them with another query (another 50 API calls, each reference 1 API call). This would invocate a huge number of API calls, and I'm currently almost hitting the limit. Sanity has lowest limit from all cloudhosted CMS I believe.

Now, I suppose that Payload, is or has:

1. Gonna work with 5 level nesting of blocks just fine in terms of UI

2. An option to invoke a query that would populate references even 5 levels deep easily

Am I right? Thanks


I'm choosing a good CMS candidate and I have trouble with really choosing the right one. Because Strapi in my opinion sucks in terms of nesting (can't nest an array of components into component). And most of the CMS don't suit me too.

  • denolfe
    Payload Team
    4 weeks ago

    Hey @Marťafiixek , welcome! You are correct, Payload can handle the level of nesting you describe.

    We did some performance testing related to this a while ago that you can look over.

    Though Sanity is not listed in there, from what you describe, we would be infinitely faster.

  • Marťafiixek
    4 weeks ago

    In Sanity it wasn't about speed though, more like about the API limits when static building the app or doing incremental static generation. Thanks for the article. One question also, I saw in the demo, that there's a columns block, which can contain one or more column. Each column has a width. Is there an option to write validation on the columns block, that does a sum of the each column width, and checks if the value is equal to 1? Thanks

  • Kyr
    4 weeks ago

    The big draw foe me was being in control of where my content and data is stored and not being beholden to the cms company for storage

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