How to set to light mode by default?

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5 months ago

Themes = "light" | "system" | "dark"

I think theme is set to "system" by default in pref right? Is there any way to define that I want light mode to be default for all?

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    5 months ago

    I don't think there is an easy way to set the default theme at the moment. Here you can find the main logic:

    I'd probably bypass this problem using:

    1. Custom provider

    2. useTheme hook which you can import like that:

    import { useTheme } from 'payload/dist/admin/components/utilities/Theme';

    You should be able to set the theme in useEffect using


    function. It's my first idea and maybe there is a better way. If you will go with this solution remember to call


    only once (to allow users to change theme in dashboard settings,


    can be problematic and may require additional flag in localStorage)

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