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Is there a way to change the format for dates in the admin UI?

last week

I don't want to use the US or UK standard for dates (




respectively), and would like them to display as


Can we set this as a global preference?

This date is horrible for me to read... the day/month is ambiguous and I've made a whole array of errors here thinking that this was UK formatted dates and not US. As said I'd prefer ISO date here to remove any ambiguity.

admin: {
  displayFormat: 'YYYY/MM/DD',

Produces console errors.

I've checked your docs, and I can't see a guide on how these can be formatted. I only see the default formatting.



is throwing type and console errors??


  • jesschow
    Payload Team
    last week

    Hey @jakehopking, you need to nest


    in a



    admin: {
        date: {
            displayFormat: 'yyyy/MM/dd',

    There is an example here but it could definitely be clearer in the docs:

    Also you will get errors for YYYY and DD because they are not valid tokens so change that to


    , read more about that here
  • jakehopking
    last week

    Thanks for this info @jesschow - is it possible to set this at a global level?

  • jesschow
    Payload Team
    last week

    @jakehopking currently it is not possibly to set this at a global level but I can definitely see the benefit in that - we should open a feature request for this đź‘Ť

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