Manipulating the checkbox value before saving to DB

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loaialsharee8 months ago

I have an existing db that has a field


. This field currently holds a value either 0 or 1. I want to enable the user to toggle that value, however, since checkbox-type values are set to boolean (true or false). How can I use collection/field Hooks to manipulate the data so that if that field is updated using a checkbox, it is saved as either 0 or 1 - not true/false.

I tried using




(collection-wise) but still cannot achieve what I want. Any ideas?

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    60pfennig8 months ago

    I would solve it propably by using a number field for your status. then swap in a custom component for that field which shows the default checkbox component (

    import { Checkbox } from "payload/components/forms";

    ) and the


    hook to set the numeric value according of the boolean state of the Checkbox component.

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    loaialsharee8 months ago

    @hendrik01 @60pfennig Thanks a lot to both of you. Your suggestions work for me as a charm!

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