My env variables are not working in production (even while using PAYLOAD_PUBLIC_ prefix)

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ignism11 months ago

So I want to hook up the preview button with a


variable. I looked around here for similar issues, and all seem to be solved by using the


prefix, which I already am using.

admin: {
   preview: (doc) => {
      const page = doc as any as Home;
      let pathToUse = '';
      if ( {
        pathToUse = === 'home' ? '' :;

      return `${process.env.PAYLOAD_PUBLIC_WEB_URL}/api/preview? url=${process.env.PAYLOAD_PUBLIC_WEB_URL}/${pathToUse}`;

This works in development mode, but gives me an


for each variable after building it.

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    derosul11 months ago

    I'm pretty sure the


    env variables are being replaced when you build payload (probably somewhere in your CI pipeline) Perhaps you need to define the env variables you want to use for production in there as well 🙂

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    ignism11 months ago

    When I add


    it appears to be working

    it just feels like this is not what the docs are trying me to tell

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    11 months ago

    check out this thread:

    Can you point me to the docs that confused you? Maybe we need to clean a section up

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    ignism11 months ago

    Actually this reply sums it nice up:

    I guess I was looking at it the wrong way, I just looked at it as one build. But there is of course a separation in server and client build.

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    benjick.7 months ago

    It's not really clear from this imo:

    had to find this thread

    If you're using Docker you will need to provide args for the build step and modify the Dockerfile

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    augdustlast month

    do you have a example of integrating env vars in Dockerfile?

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    benjick.last month

    @August sure

    ARG PAYLOAD_PUBLIC_MERLIN_URL=http://localhost:3000

    and then supply the arg during build time

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