Payload doesn't start in docker

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Maxim Kobylinsky
3 months ago

Please help to launch payload in dockerfile.

My command start:

 "start": "cross-env PAYLOAD_CONFIG_PATH=dist/payload.config.js NODE_ENV=production node dist/server.js",

My Errors

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    3 months ago

    You can run de server.js directly with node. Like this:

    FROM node:18.16.0-bullseye-slim as base
    # Build container with dev dependencies
    FROM base as builder
    WORKDIR /home/node
    COPY package*.json ./
    COPY . .
    # Public env variables are added to the react frontend at build time by webpack.
    RUN npm install -g npm@latest && npm install && npm run build
    # Build production container
    FROM base as runtime
    ENV NODE_ENV=production
    ENV PAYLOAD_CONFIG_PATH=dist/payload.config.js
    ENV APP_PORT=8080
    WORKDIR /home/node
    COPY package*.json ./
    RUN npm install -g npm@latest && npm install --production --legacy-peer-deps && npm cache clean --force
    COPY --from=builder /home/node/dist ./dist
    COPY --from=builder /home/node/build ./build
    COPY --from=builder /home/node/public ./public
    EXPOSE 8080
    CMD ["node", "dist/server.js"]

    But you should have a look at your build logs, it looks like some dependencies are missing.

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    Payload Team
    3 months ago

    It's possible this is related to peer dependencies as well since you're using npm

    I would see if the example in the docs that uses yarn works any different:
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