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.kilosierra11 months ago

My posts collections includes tags as follows

      name: 'tags',
      type: 'relationship',
      relationTo: 'tags',
      hasMany: true,

I want to be able to filter the response by tag name. I also want to place a limit of 6 so I don't break my pagination, etc.

Given a tag of "Guides", shouldn't I be able to filter my posts using[tags][equals]=Guides&limit=6&page=1

The above url params don't work. I've attached a screenshot of the api response.

I'm using this url based on my interpretation of the following documentation -

What am I doing wrong?

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    svn__11 months ago

    Hey, I see that you are using

    hasMany: true

    , so you should try with something like


    where name is a property from Tags collection

    You can find more details in this section:

    , and more specifically under "Has Many - Polymorphic"

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    .kilosierra11 months ago

    That worked perfectly. Thanks

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