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7 months ago

I'm looking to implement the version restore function programmatically.

Having gone over the Version documentation here

I am still missing quite a lot of information on how that works, e.g which version it restores to, what exactly is the ID field, etc.

Is there more in-depth documentation on these LocalAPIs?

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    Payload Team
    7 months ago

    The endpoints follow your typical REST crud pattern. The typical process would be to list the versions first via

    GET /versions

    then perform a restore with

    POST /versions/:id

    to the specific


    you want to restore. The


    being the unique identifier for the version that you'd like to restore.

    What can I help clarify beyond that?

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    7 months ago

    Thank you for that, this is clear. I'm thinking how versions get created, at which point exactly and are the objects in the _versions table (mongo collection) always a version behind or does _versions maintain an exact replica of what is in the main table.

    I ask this because I want to restore to a previous version (exactly one save behind) and so should I select the last version doc or one before that as the last one is a replica of the current one.

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    Payload Team
    7 months ago

    The versions endpoint will return previous versions

    and the latest


    The query against the versions endpoint would look something like this:


    . You can also open up your Network tab while browsing around the Versions page in the Admin UI to see this.

    I don't recall if they're strictly ordered on the response, so you could also pass in something like


    to sort the response.

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