Selecting one element in Select field changes the image shown in the media field?

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Arskelisslast year

Is it possible somehow, maybe with filters or relationship between select type and media type to connect them in a way that when I select one element from the dropdown list, then in the media field the image changes.

E.g. i select the word 'Cat' in the Select field then in the media field I get an image of a cat, that is already uploaded

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    generator101last year

    you can probably use field hooks
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    Arskelisslast year

    I'll give it a try,thanks

    I cant really get hold of the concept of using hooks.

    Is it possible to read data from one field inside of a hook of another field?

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    last year

    Yes you can access the full document data from a hook, here is a list of the properties you can use:

    Here is one way you can achieve this (screenshot), using a relationship field and hook that returns a different media based on the select field and the tags on the media item. I've used an


    hook here but you could use a different hook. Also the relationship field won't display the image, but you could add a custom component to this field that renders the image.

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    Arskelisslast year

    Thank you @jesschow, i will try it out soon, i'm sure that it will work this way. Thank you enormously.

    Also, sorry about being such a noob, I still have to understand Payload, to put the puzzle pieces together.

    Looks like a great opportunity as well to exercise writing custom components. Sweet. 🙌🙌🙌

    By the way, can I use something like Next's Image component to render the image inside Payload?

    It's working as expected, I changed the hook to afterChange and it changes the Media right after I hit the Save button. Neat. Thank you so much

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