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Sorting relationship items

2 weeks ago

Hey guys, I have problem when I want to swap field component of relationship, and use


hook to update the field. To add the items it works, but somehow I can't change the order of items.

I use setValue with an array, i.e.

initialValue ->

['a', 'b', 'c']


setValue(['c', 'b', 'a'])

then refresh page still

['a', 'b', 'c']

it is works when i add item, i.e

['a', 'b', 'c', 'd']

Is there another way to set item's order?

  • jesschow
    Payload Team
    2 weeks ago

    hi @rrums - where are you getting the array of data from? as you can sort on requests
  • rrums
    2 weeks ago

    not to querying, but to store data (array of IDs)

    because i swapped the field component, but i can't change order of the IDs

    like this -> i log the


    , it has correct arrays, the order is set as I drag the item. But it wasn't stored with correct order.

    FYI, the field on collection

      name: 'items',
      type: 'relationship',
      relationTo: 'menuItems',
      hasMany: true,
      required: true,
      admin: {
        components: {
          Field: MenuSelect // custom component
        isSortable: true,
  • Jarrod
    Payload Team
    last week

    Curious, what does the network panel look like for this request?

  • rrums
    last week

    ouch found the problem, because I fetch not from initialValue. My bad.

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