Unable to write files using .fs nodejs

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5 months ago

Hello, currently I'm trying to import fs (node module) and use it to write a file for Media collections s3 authentication.

However, when I connect to the beforeChange hook, even though the file is server side, I am getting a module not found error: Can't resolve 'fs'.

Any ideas? Thanks.

I've tried following this documentation:


, but I'm still getting the same error.

I got the errors to go away, but now I am facing this Watchpack error:

Watchpack Error (initial scan): Error: ENOTDIR: not a directory, scandir 'C:\Users\eddieDev\Developer\cms\src\api\s3\actions\fetchS3Client.ts'

The directory is correct. I tried deleting the node_modules cache as well.

Now the watchpack error is gone, but now I'm getting this warning:

[22:49:40] INFO (payload): WARNING in ./src/api/s3/actions/fetchS3Client.ts 21:34-46

export 'readFileSync' (imported as 'readFileSync') was not found in 'fs' (possible exports: default)

Should I be getting this warning at all? Or am I missing something?

This may help someone else in the future. I just figured it out. I had to use require('fs') and the warnings are gone now. So that's good to know!

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    Payload Team
    4 months ago

    I liked following along with your train of thought here, haha

    yes, basically you solved issue by issue until you properly fixed and implemented an alias

    but then, it's worth noting that you don't


    to use


    . Instead, the last error was reported because your "stub file" for FS did not export a const of


    - and it only exported a


    . So if you just adjusted your stub file to export the functions you were attempting to import, it would have worked that way too

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    4 months ago

    lol ty! how would i adjust my stub file?

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