How to add URL to forgot password email? And how to custom that email?

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11 months ago
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Hi, I'm trying to send and custom email. Is there a function in PayloadCMS ready to send email
body: "Here is custom html",...

When I recieved email forgot password, I lost the domain, how can I config it?

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    Payload Team
    11 months ago

    Hi @IRediTOTO, yes you can send email with Payload using the payload.sendEmail method as long as email has been configured. Here's the docs related to that:

    Then you can generate your own email using auth.forgotPassword.generateEmailHTML on your auth collection's config — more on that here:

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    2 months ago

    When i enter any email id in forgot password field, that is registered or non-registered emails i am getting success message in network tab.While implementing in my nextjs project for toast container, i am always getting same success message for registered or non-registered emails.How can i determine it?

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