Project Configuration

Select your plan

Once you have created a project, you will need to select your plan. This will determine the resources that are allocated to your project and the features that are available to you.

Project Details

RegionSelect the region closest to your audience. This will ensure the fastest communication between your data and your client.
Project NameA name for your project. You can change this at any time.
Project SlugChoose a unique slug to identify your project. This needs to be unique for your team and you can change it any time.
TeamSelect the team you want to create the project under. If this is your first project, a personal team will be created for you automatically. You can modify your team settings and invite new members at any time from the Team Settings page.

Build Settings

If you are deploying a new project from a template, the following settings will be automatically configured for you. If you are using your own repository, you need to make sure your build settings are accurate for your project to deploy correctly.

Root DirectoryThe folder where your package.json file lives.
Install CommandThe command used to install your modules, for example: yarn install or npm install
Build CommandThe command used to build your application, for example: yarn build or npm run build
Serve CommandThe command used to serve your application, for example: yarn serve or npm run serve
Branch to DeploySelect the branch of your repository that you want to deploy from. This is the branch that will be used to build your project when you commit new changes.
Default DomainSet a default domain for your project. This must be unique and you will not able to change it. You can always add a custom domain later in your project settings.

Environment Variables

Any of the features in Payload Cloud that require environment variables will automatically be provided to your application. If your app requires any custom environment variables, you can set them here.


Payment methods can be set per project and can be updated any time. You can use team’s default payment method, or add a new one. Modify your payment methods in your Project settings / Team settings.


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