Integrated Image Cropping, Focal Point Selection and Resize Previews

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Image Size Previews
Image Size Previews
Among the many Payload 2.0 upgrades include a renovated Upload field UI, which now features image cropping, focal point selection, and image size previews.

In Payload 2.0, we upgraded the Upload field UI and added some handy new features:

  • Image Cropping
  • Focal Point Selection
  • Image Size Previews

The image cropping will allow you to extract a portion of the original image, which can be done both when you create a new upload or when editing an existing upload. The focal point selector will become available if you are generating additional image resizes - this is done by defining resizeOptions or imageSizes in your Upload config. By setting a focal point, any image sizes will be regenerated to reposition around the new point provided.

These new features are enabled by default, and can be disabled by setting crop: false and/or focalPoint: false in your Upload config.

The Upload field UI will continue to be improved going forward, including bulk editing capabilities, additional formatting options e.g. compression, aspect ratio, etc. If there is something you particularly want to see next - drop it in our Discord or GitHub!