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4 months ago

Hello everyone!

How can I dynamically generate time intervals for the "theDate" field, aligning with the value of the "interval" field? I would like the available time intervals to be determined based on the chosen interval duration. Any suggestions or approaches for achieving this dynamically?

    name: "interval",
    type: "number",
    defaultValue: 60,
    name: "theDate",
    type: "date",

    admin: {
      date: {
        displayFormat: "H:mm",
        timeFormat: "H:mm",
        pickerAppearance: "timeOnly",
        timeIntervals: how to make this equals the interval field dynamically?
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    4 months ago

    In this case I think the timeIntervals prop is just for the initial render

    Without a PR to change this in core, your best bet is using a custom react component where you can use the React hooks available to listen to other field's value changes



    Although I do think it would be useful if these configs could be dynamically set across the board

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    4 months ago

    Somthing like this?

    import React from "react";
    import Date from "payload/dist/admin/components/elements/DatePicker";
    import { Label } from "payload/components/forms";
    import { useField, useFormFields } from "payload/components/forms";
     * A custom DatePicker component with dynamic duration option
     * @constructor
    export const DatePicker: React.FC = (props: any) => {
      const { path, label, required } = props;
      const { value, setValue } = useField({
        path: path,
      const duration = useFormFields(([fields, dispatch]) => fields.duration); // should use custom value
      if (typeof duration?.value !== "undefined") {
        return (
            <Label htmlFor={props.path} label={label} required={required} />
              onChange={(e) => setValue(e)} // TODO: format ???
              timeIntervals={duration?.value || 30}
      return null;
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    4 months ago

    I haven't run it but it looks about right!

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    4 months ago


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