Hello team, I have two fields one called startTime...

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Payload-Bot9 months ago

Hello team, I have two fields one called startTime and the other called endTime. I would like to have a custom validation to check if these two fields time check up. No startTime greater than endTime can be submitted through APIs or Admin panel. Please guide me

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    9 months ago

    Hey @alnasser.cs, you can do this by adding a custom


    function to your endTime field:

      name: 'endTime',
      type: 'date',
      validate: (value, { data }) => {
        if (value <= data.startTime) {
          return "End time must be after start time";

    this will check that


    is greater than


    , and return the error message if not.

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    alnasser.cs9 months ago

    amazing. I'm also leaving this here.


    for whoever coming to read this

    one more question, is it possible to check validation on effect. like as soon as the user pick a a date. I would like to check if it's correct before they go and click save?

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    9 months ago

    Out of the box, I don't believe so. You could achieve this by adding in your own custom component, but that is more advanced.

    More on custom components here:

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    alnasser.cs9 months ago

    thank you. Maybe it's something I can help with when I figure out the framework

    validate: (value, { data, operation }) => {

    // if(operation == 'create' || operation !== 'update') {

    // console.log('operation not include ' + operation)

    // return true;

    // }

    data.timeSlots.forEach((timeSlot, i) => {


    if (new Date(timeSlot.endTime) <= new Date(timeSlot.startTime)) {

    console.log('through error')


    Issue at Time Slot ${i+1}. End time must be after start time




    return true;


    I wrote the validation function as described. I hit the if condition but return don't don't through error and the framework goes ahead and save it.

    error figured out. the return is inside the array.forEach() -.-

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