How does filterOptions work on upload fields?

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8 months ago

I've read the docs for this (

), but I still don't get what's possible with this and also, it doesn't seem to work as I expect it to.

I have a


collection which accepts any file with mimeType



Then I have an upload field in a global, which looks like this:

                  name: "brand",
                  type: "upload",
                  relationTo: "media",
                  filterOptions: {
                    mimeType: { equals: "image/svg+xml" },

I expect it to:

1. Filter out the possible options when choosing from existing uploads in the


collection and show only svg files.

2. Prevent the user from uploading (and then saving) non-svg files.

It doesn't do either. When choosing from existing, it shows all the images, both svg and jpegs and the user is able to select a jpeg and then save the global. And the user also is able to upload non-svg files, which in turn let's the user also save the collection (which should be against the rule set by filterOptions).

What am I not getting here? What can the filterOptions actually do and if it can't do what I'm expecting, how can I do it so that the only possibility for this upload field for both uploading and selecting would be svg files?

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    Payload Team
    8 months ago

    Not sure why #1 isn't working for you. I just tried it with an upload field on one of my collections and its filtering as expected.

    for #2, I think it's correct that users can upload any file (technically the upload functionality here is independent of the collection/global you are currently editing), and when trying to save that file it throws an error.

    I think there may be some other issue going on, as it's working as expected for me.

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    8 months ago

    hmm super strange 🙃

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    8 months ago

    to prevent the upload of formats, you probably need a fieldhook/collection hook.
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    8 months ago

    well the easiest way would be adding “accept” attribute that would align with a rule on that field, this would limit the types of files that the user is able to select in the browse dialog

    ofcourse a hook is something that I’d have to use to handle a drag/drop scenario too, rejecting the wrong format

    I wish there was a built in rule in payload for the upload field that would handle mimetype limitations when uploading files through the browse dialog and drag/drop. Is that something you ever considered @jmikrut ?

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