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Is it possible to create a data collection as an array of strings instead of an array of objects wit

last week

Is there a way to generate a data collection that is an array of strings, for example:

interests: ["interest one", "interest two", ...]

instead of an array of objects as it currently is:

interests: [{"id": "1234", "value": "interest one"}, {"id": "1235", "value": "interest two"}, ...]


  • thisisnotchris
    last week

    How about JSON?

    There may be a better way than JSON

    But alternatively, you could hook into the field hooks

    And either format the field, or save to a field that is formatted as you want

  • linus
    last week

    Is there a reason to not just use => i.value);

    in your frontend to receive an array of strings?

  • jmikrut
    Payload Team
    last week

    i agree with everything above, but one other note, we are planning to add

    hasMany: true

    to the


    field at some point in the future as well, which will allow for an array of strings

    but right now we don't support that

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