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buzzworthy710 months ago

I have a collection called 'Votes' where a user will vote on another location called 'Locations'. Each Vote will have a locationId and UserId. Would it be possible to update a total tally of votes in the related location collection after a vote document is created using a Hook? I'm not qutie sure if they're only intended for updating document in the same collection or not.

I'm thinking Sibling Data is what I need to use here:

import type { FieldHook } from 'payload/types';

// Field hook type is a generic that takes three arguments:

// 1: The document type

// 2: The value type

// 3: The sibling data type

type ExampleFieldHook = FieldHook<ExampleDocumentType, string, SiblingDataType>;

const exampleFieldHook: ExampleFieldHook = (args) => {

const {

value, // Typed as


as shown above

data, // Typed as a Partial of your ExampleDocumentType

siblingData, // Typed as a Partial of SiblingDataType

originalDoc, // Typed as ExampleDocumentType



} = args;

// Do something here...

return value; // should return a string as typed above, undefined, or null


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    10 months ago

    You could do this with a field hook or a collection hook. They can be used to update


    collections, not just the current 👍

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    justono4 months ago

    Hello. This is a pretty old thread I have a similar desire as the vote things described by Will. My case is when an Asset collection item is updated I want to create a AssetHistory record, stamping the Asset's data at a point in time throughout it's life. The afterChange hook is what I need on the Asset Collection and I understand how to create the afterChange trigger. BUT my question in regard to this subject is do you just straight up make axios/fetch calls to the graphql or REST api to add new records to other collections or is there a fancy payload package or utility to do this?

    Apllogies I'm just new to payload. I recently had a demo by your team at our office and I'm building an internal tool with Payload atm to check it out!. I think though I would likely use the

    Local API

    now reading the docs more


    my main goal is just follow best practice for payload dev. I feel like this is the right way to go about updating a different collection from a afterChange hook?

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    brianjm4 months ago

    You are correct.

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