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I'm trying to grasp around the idea of hooks.


I need to create a hook that allows Admin to duplicate file after it has been reviewed to another collection, and delate the one he has reviewed.
Is there a tutorial or documentation on how to e.g. execute the CREATE operation on another collection with the use of data from currently edited file?


And Is there a way to execute PUT, DELATE, FIND and other operations directly on Mongo with FETCH, inside hook?
Would appiciate some discussion or help.

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    Payload Team
    last year

    Hey @quornik, this is definitely possible by combining the use of a beforeChange hook and the local API operations.

    Here is an example of how it can be done:

    import { CollectionBeforeChangeHook, CollectionConfig } from 'payload/types'
    const performOperationIfReviewed: CollectionBeforeChangeHook = async ({
      data, // incoming data to update or create with
      req, // full express request
      operation, // name of the operation ie. 'create', 'update'
      originalDoc, // original document
    }) => {
      if (
        req?.user?.collection === 'admins' && // Admins collection only
        operation === 'update' && // Only on update operations
        !originalDoc.reviewed && data.reviewed // Transitioning from not reviewed to reviewed
      ) {
        await req.payload.create({
          collection: 'collection-after-reviewed',
    export const Pages: CollectionConfig = {
      slug: 'pages',
      hooks: {
        beforeChange: [performOperationIfReviewed],
      fields: [
          name: 'reviewFile',
          type: 'relationship',
          relationTo: 'media',
          name: 'reviewed',
          type: 'checkbox',

    Hopefully, that gets you going in the right direction. Let me know if you have any additional questions 👍

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