How to use hooks to upload file to an ftp server

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aljubaer2 years ago
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I want to send the uploaded files to an ftp server (using basic-ftp) and receive them from there also. The process has been already mentioned in the doc here: But I am a bit confused about how I can use hooks there?
For example here is a collection with upload I put a hook a beforeChange here but it seems like not triggering the hook when hook at time of uploading file:

import { CollectionConfig } from 'payload/types';
const Media: CollectionConfig = {
    slug: 'media',
    access: {
        read: () => true,
    hooks: {
        beforeChange: [
            (operation) => {
                if (operation.req.headers.hook === 'beforeChange') {
           += '-beforeChangeSuffix';
                    // Todo: send to ftp
    upload: {
        staticURL: '/media',
        staticDir: 'media',
        imageSizes: [
                name: 'thumbnail',
                width: 400,
                height: 300,
                crop: 'centre',
                name: 'card',
                width: 768,
                height: 1024,
                crop: 'centre',
        adminThumbnail: 'thumbnail'
    fields: [],
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    2 years ago

    Hey @aljubaer

    You're almost there! You have a bug in your hook, though.

    Your if statement that is checking if the operation.req.headers.hook is equal to beforeChange is incorrect and unnecessary. Because you are adding a function to the beforeChange hooks array itself, you know that the code will only be running in a beforeChange context.

    So basically, right now, code within your if will never fire. Just remove it!

    Pro tip:

    You might want to do different actions based on if your beforeChange hook is either running in response to a create or an update operation. You can gain access to which operation is active by destructuring operation out of the hook arguments, like so:

      beforeChange: [
          data, // incoming data to update or create with
          req, // full express request
          operation, // name of the operation ie. 'create', 'update'
          originalDoc, // original document
        }) => {
          console.log(operation) // will be either 'update' or 'create'
          return data;

    For example, a create operation will always have a file that needs to be uploaded to FTP. But, update might only need to upload a file if the file is being replaced. So you could extend your hook to do different things based on the operation, and based on if there is a new file present or not.

    Take a look at the Hooks documentation for more!

    Does this answer your question?

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