All collection find queries are paginated automatically. Responses are returned with top-level meta data related to pagination, and returned documents are nested within a docs array.

Find response properties:

docsArray of documents in the collection
totalDocsTotal available documents within the collection
limitLimit query parameter - defaults to 10
totalPagesTotal pages available, based upon the limit queried for
pageCurrent page number
pagingCounternumber of the first doc on the current page
hasPrevPagetrue/false if previous page exists
hasNextPagetrue/false if next page exists
prevPagenumber of previous page, null if it doesn't exist
nextPagenumber of next page, null if it doesn't exist

Example response:

// Document Array
"docs": [
"title": "Page Title",
"description": "Some description text",
"priority": 1,
"createdAt": "2020-10-17T01:19:29.858Z",
"updatedAt": "2020-10-17T01:19:29.858Z",
"id": "5f8a46a1dd05db75c3c64760"
// Metadata
"totalDocs": 6,
"limit": 1,
"totalPages": 6,
"page": 1,
"pagingCounter": 1,
"hasPrevPage": false,
"hasNextPage": true,
"prevPage": null,
"nextPage": 2

Pagination controls

All Payload APIs support the pagination controls below. With them, you can create paginated lists of documents within your application:

limitLimits the number of documents returned
pageGet a specific page number

Disabling pagination within Local API

For find operations within the Local API, you can disable pagination to retrieve all documents from a collection by passing pagination: false to the find local operation. This is not supported in REST or GraphQL, however, because it could potentially lead to malicious activity.


Production Deployment