Radio Field


name *To be used as the property name when stored and retrieved from the database.
options *Array of options to allow the field to store. Can either be an array of strings, or an array of objects containing an option string and a value string.
labelUsed as a field label in the Admin panel and to name the generated GraphQL type.
validateProvide a custom validation function that will be executed on both the Admin panel and the backend. More
indexBuild a MongoDB index for this field to produce faster queries. Set this field to true if your users will perform queries on this field's data often.
saveToJWTIf this field is top-level and nested in a config supporting Authentication, include its data in the user JWT.
hooksProvide field-based hooks to control logic for this field. More
accessProvide field-based access control to denote what users can see and do with this field's data. More
hiddenRestrict this field's visibility from all APIs entirely. Will still be saved to the database, but will not appear in any API or the Admin panel.
defaultValueProvide data to be used for this field's default value.
localizedEnable localization for this field. Requires localization to be enabled in the Base config.
requiredRequire this field to have a value.
adminAdmin-specific configuration. See below for more detail.

* An asterisk denotes that a property is required.

Admin config

In addition to the default field admin config, the Radio field type allows for the specification of the following admin properties:


The layout property allows for the radio group to be styled as a horizonally or vertically distributed list.



slug: 'example-collection',
fields: [
name: 'color', // required
type: 'radio', // required
options: [ // required
label: 'Mint',
value: 'mint',
label: 'Dark Gray',
value: 'dark_gray',
defaultValue: 'option_1',
admin: {
layout: 'horizontal',

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