Array Field

Array field with two Rows in Payload admin panel
Admin panel screenshot of an Array field with two Rows

Example uses:


name *To be used as the property name when stored and retrieved from the database. More
labelText used as the heading in the Admin panel or an object with keys for each language. Auto-generated from name if not defined.
fields *Array of field types to correspond to each row of the Array.
validateProvide a custom validation function that will be executed on both the Admin panel and the backend. More
minRowsA number for the fewest allowed items during validation when a value is present.
maxRowsA number for the most allowed items during validation when a value is present.
saveToJWTIf this field is top-level and nested in a config supporting Authentication, include its data in the user JWT.
hooksProvide field-based hooks to control logic for this field. More
accessProvide field-based access control to denote what users can see and do with this field's data. More
hiddenRestrict this field's visibility from all APIs entirely. Will still be saved to the database, but will not appear in any API or the Admin panel.
defaultValueProvide an array of row data to be used for this field's default value. More
localizedEnable localization for this field. Requires localization to be enabled in the Base config. If enabled, a separate, localized set of all data within this Array will be kept, so there is no need to specify each nested field as localized.
requiredRequire this field to have a value.
labelsCustomize the row labels appearing in the Admin dashboard.
adminAdmin-specific configuration. See below for more detail.
customExtension point for adding custom data (e.g. for plugins)
interfaceNameCreate a top level, reusable Typescript interface & GraphQL type.

* An asterisk denotes that a property is required.

Admin Config

In addition to the default field admin config, you can adjust the following properties:

initCollapsedSet the initial collapsed state
components.RowLabelFunction or React component to be rendered as the label on the array row. Receives ({ data, index, path }) as args



import { CollectionConfig } from 'payload/types'
export const ExampleCollection: CollectionConfig = {
slug: 'example-collection',
fields: [
name: 'slider', // required
type: 'array', // required
label: 'Image Slider',
minRows: 2,
maxRows: 10,
interfaceName: 'CardSlider', // optional
labels: {
singular: 'Slide',
plural: 'Slides',
fields: [
// required
name: 'title',
type: 'text',
name: 'image',
type: 'upload',
relationTo: 'media',
required: true,
name: 'caption',
type: 'text',
admin: {
components: {
RowLabel: ({ data, index }) => {
return data?.title || `Slide ${String(index).padStart(2, '0')}`

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